One day workshop on systematic literature search on Internet

A one day workshop on systematic literature search for the MPH students of Institute of Public Health and social sciences held at KMU. Systematic literature search requires to organize and tackle the search process in a structured and preplanned manner. It demands careful consideration of search terms, selection of databases, choice of search methods, and requires to reflect on the search results obtained during the process.

With a systematic literature search, a greater chance of avoiding disparities and bias, and it enables to identify gaps in the existing research. In this way also minimize the risk of reproducing already existing research.

 Ms. Riasat explained the different features/concepts and techniques regarding literature search. She responded the student’s query regarding the literature search. Students were given tasks, which the students practiced under the supervision of Ms. Riasat. . The activity will help the students in managing their assignments and in particular the thesis.

The workshop was attended by 22 participants from KMU- IPH&SS where as the course facilitator was Ms. Riasat Begum, Librarian KMU.