VC meets the Soon Returning PhD Scholars of KMU via Video Conference

KMU sent 20 PhD Scholars in different disciplines to the highly ranked Universities of UK in 2010 under the HEC Scholarship scheme. Finally, the time has come that these Scholars are returning back to KMU. The Honorable Vice Chancellor KMU Prof Dr Hafizullah was personally monitoring the progress of the Scholars and encouraging the timely completion of their PhD's via emails, video-conferences and physically visiting them. 

On 6th September 2014 the Hon VC once again arranged a video-conference to discus the updates of the Scholars.


During the video-conference the Scholars from different Universities and disciplines presented their research progress. They shared their achievements in terms of presentation at different countries and publications. Majority of the Scholars are in the phase of finishing their PhD's. The Scholars ensured that they are trying their level best to finish at earliest and join KMU, Insha’ALLAH. The return date of each scholar was discussed with feedback from the Hon VC.


The Hon VC highly appreciated the achievements of KMU PhD Scholars, and was very happy that two of the Scholars; Dr Usman Mahboob (Medical Education) and Dr Zia Ul Haq (Public Health) has already returned to KMU and resumed their duties in their respective departments. Two more Scholars are returning back to KMU in the next month whereas majority of the remaining Scholars will return to KMU in the month of Nov/Dec