The 24th Meeting of KMU Academic Council held at Senate Hall

The 24 meeting of the Khyber Medical University (KMU) Peshawar Academic Council held on 3rd November, 2021 at Senate hall. The vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Zia ul Haq chaired the meeting where as besides Registrar Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saleem Gandapur and Additional Director Academics Muhammad Islam, deans, heads of different institutes and members’ academic council attended the meeting.
The meeting thoroughly deliberate on various agenda items which included HEC’s policy on Drug and Tobacco abuse in HEIs, the  IRNUM, Atomic Energy Cancer Hospital (AECH)  curriculums of MD in Clinical Oncology (4 years), MS Medical Physics Program (2 years) and MD Hybrid Imaging & Theranostics (4 years) program.
It is worth mentioning that IRNUM is one of the leading academic and research institutes in the country. It is the only institution in the province's public sector that is providing standard services in cancer treatment not only to the patients of entire province but also to the  neighboring Afghanistan. Therefore, it is expected that with the launch of MS and MD programs in three fields in collaboration with KMU, will help in producing highly qualified medical professionals on one hand and on the other hand, the best cancer treatment facilities will also be available at the doorstep.
Dr. Brekhna Jamil director IHPE&R / chairperson Curriculum & Assessment Committee forwarded agendas of Table of Specifications (TOS) of 1st and 2nd semester for assessment of the Five (05) disciplines of Rehabilitation Sciences, Eleven (11) disciplines of Allied Health Sciences, and One (01) discipline of Nursing Sciences for implementation on sessions 2021-22 and onward.
The meeting approved assessment criteria of different programs and establishment of Clinical Trials Unit and initiation of certificate course in clinical trials, PhD curriculum of Physiotherapy, reserved seat for minority in MSN, additional courses for ex post-RN students in Islamiyat and Pak Study, course contents and curriculum for BS-Health Technology, BS Anesthesia, BS-Optometry, Permission of helper student for disabled / injured / burned students /candidates during KMU Examinations.
 The 24th meeting of Academic Council also approved establishment of Family Medicine at KMU Institute of Medical Sciences (KMU-IMS), Kohat and establishment of KMU- LRH Medical College in collaboration with MTI-LRH, Peshawar.  
The meeting was informed that KMU-IMS, Kohat is expecting PMC inspection in due course of time, so as 100 hours have been approved by PMC, Islamabad for the MBBS undergraduate program, therefore, the establishment of a Family Medicine department is required in this institute.  This would not only provide training opportunities for postgraduate students of CPSP in future but also be an avenue for clinical ward rotations of Diploma in Family Medicine trainees.