KMU's Top Ten Priorities

  1. Establish a multi-dimensional Comprehensive Health Care Approach encompassing all the four elements of health i.e. prevention, promotion, curative intervention & rehabilitation.
  2. Develop a Health Care Team approach at all levels of health care delivery for a comprehensive health care delivery system.
  3. Enhance the level of Education in Basic Medical Sciences, Nursing And Allied Health Sciences, And Public Health.
  4. Include Behavioral Sciences and Humanities in the Medical Education Curriculum.
  5. Define a dynamic, relevant, comprehensive, evidence / outcome based curricula that accommodates healthy extra curricular, literary and cultural activities.
  6. Convert to the Semester System of Education.
  7. Implement an objective and Continuous System of Evaluation.
  8. Create the Health Education Continuum (UGME, PGME, CME, CPD, & CED) with opportunities & commitment for life long learning.
  9. Promote evidence based medical practice through Innovation, Scholarship, Partnership & Collaborations and Biomedical Research.
  10. Exercise the concepts of Academic Audit, Research Audit & Clinical Audit.