A Consensus Workshop Conducted at KMU

A consensus workshop was conducted by Prof. Dr. Haider Darain (Dean of Allied Health Sciences) at the video conference room of Khyber Medical University (KMU), Peshawar. The aim of the workshop was to build consensus among relevant stakeholders for the Integration of physical rehabilitation services into primary health systems in Pakistan. The workshop was attended by the CEO paraplegic center, Principal Rehman College of Rehabilitation Sciences, Rehabilitation director LRH, manager provincial rehabilitation program, director IPMR, a representative from ICRC, and other relevant dignitaries.  The facilitator gave a brief introduction to the project; ReLAB-HS.
It is worth mentioning that in late 2020, ReLAB-HS which is a comprehensive five-year program was introduced. The program is funded by USAID and aims to respond to the escalating need for physical rehabilitation services in low and middle-income countries. Pakistan is one of the countries which has been included in the program. The KMU signed an MOU with Handicap International for implementing some of the activities of the program. It is pertinent to mention that ‘The Nossal Institute for Global Health at The University of Melbourne’ is one of the key technical facilitators for activities that will be carried out by KMU, Peshawar.   
The participants agreed to develop policies for the integration of physical rehabilitation services at primary health care including Tehsil Headquarter Hospitals (THQs), Rural Health Centers (RHCs), and Basic Health Units (BHUs). It was also agreed upon that strong lobbying is needed for making such policies and their implementation. The participants identified lack of coordination among medical, nursing, paramedical, and rehabilitation team as one of the major issues faced by the health care system in the country.