KMU and DKT Pakistan signs MOU for mutual scientific and technical co-operation

Peshawar October 21, 2021

KMU and DKT Pakistan signs MOU for mutual scientific and technical co-operation

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between Khyber Medical University (KMU), Peshawar and DKT Pakistan on technical and research collaboration.  Prof. Dr. Zia Ul Haq vice chancellor KMU and Mr. Justin Main Thompson Country Director DKT Pakistan signed MOU on behalf of their respective organizations. According to the details of the MOU mutual scientific and technical co-operation will advance the state of science, technology, social marketing and entrepreneurship within both partners and strengthen the infrastructure and will bring benefits to both sides.

In this MOU KMU and DKT-P undertake to pursue a program of research, scientific and technical collaboration for the exchange of ideas, skills, and techniques on problems of mutual interest as agreed from time to time.

In the said MoU KMU and DKT  agreed upon to exchange and training of scientific and technology  personnel for teaching, research  and development in the field of mother, neonatal and child health(MNCH), HIV/AIDS prevention,  breast cancer(prevention, early diagnosis, treatment) and other related fields pertaining to the interest of both parties.

The MoU stated that holding of joint conferences, seminars and symposia or workshops and invited lectures on national and international issues, visit and utilization of each other’s research and technical facilities as and when required after mutual consent shall be carried out jointly.

The MOU elaborated that KMU will provide technical support and advocacy to DKT-P in establishing research cell, curricula of training programs, social entrepreneurship, HIV/AIDs prevention   strategies and other areas mutual interest, whereas DKT-P will grant access to their data bank, healthcare service delivery centers, patients/subject and health care providers on their panel to the students and faculty of KMU for the purpose of research projects in the fields of mutual interest.

The MOU will remain effective for a period of ten years unless terminated by any one of the partners by giving advance notice of six months. Both parties will appoint liaison officers who hold periodic meeting to work out the details of cooperation on such items and condition as agreeable to both the parties and to monitor their implementation and prepare annual progress reports.