KMU in collaboration with WHO set up a curriculum to address & prevent incidents of GBV

Khyber Medical University (KMU), Peshawar in collaboration with WHO conducted three days review workshop meetings on development of abridged credit course outline on Gender Based Violence (GBV) at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, Peshawar. The three day review workshop facilitation was conducted by Director KMU-IHPER Dr. Brekhna Jamil, Assistant Professor IBMS Dr. Muhammad Shahzad and PhD Public Health Scholar IPH&SS Dr.Umaima Saeed. 

The first day of review workshop focused on reviewing learning objectives. The outline for abridged credit course was reviewed by representatives of law department, political science department, education department, Aurat foundation, law and human rights departments of Govt of KP. The second day of the workshop content was attended by VC KMU Prof Dr Zia ul Haq, Registrar KMU Prof Dr Saleem Ghandapur, Lecturer IPH&SS KMU Dr Maria Ishaq Khattak and President Public Health Association Dr Saima Abid. The VC Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Woman University Peshawar Prof Dr Razia Sultana welcomed the Vice Chancellor KMU and the participants. The third day was focused on mode of teaching and mode of assessments as well as time duration for each module. Some of the topics discussed included how teachers should address this issue by using the right language, values, attitude and behavior, and the importance of language.

Meanwhile talking to the workshop VC KMU Prof Dr Zia Ul Haq said that no country exists free of GBV, whether moderate or severe, and Pakistan is no exception. Institutions of higher education have been reported time and again as playground for GBV incidents. He said, “It is ironic that a large number of incidents of GBV occur in higher education institutions, the platform that which society demands to be exemplary and to serve as a moral compass for a number of societal entities”. “To bring about the culture that institutions of higher education maintain to teach and instill principles of respect for human rights for all and prevent GBV,” he added. 

Prof Dr Zia Ul Haq elaborated that curriculum has an important role to play  in educating learners how to cope and counteract violence and "making the right choices" therefore KMU in collaboration with WHO has set up a curriculum that targets to address and prevent incidents of GBV. The issues around Gender based violence will be incorporated and taught as a module of undergraduate and post-graduate public health students and in the subjects in due time, he said.