KMU has been award among the top 5 Best Performer by HEC and HED KP

Delighted to share that Khyber Medical University (KMU) has been awarded among the top 5 best performer University, for Best Financial management, Best affiliation mechanism and Best Quality assurance practices inside University and for affiliated colleges by HEC isld and HED KP. Credit goes to KMU world class faculty members, dedicated administrative, secretarial & supportive staff.

All KP universities are now back on track, Alhamdullilah. Universities & Govt are one team with an overall objective to rank KP universities amongst the highest achieving academic institutions in the world, inshaALLAH.

KMU aims to promote professional competence through learning and innovation for providing comprehensive quality health care to the nation.

Prof. Dr Zia Ul Haq
Vice Chancellor, KMU