KMU Hosts 3 Days Workshop on In silico Protein Annotation

A three-day In silico protein annotation workshop was held at Khyber Medical University (KMU), Peshawar. In the inaugural session of the workshop, Dr. Inayat Shah Director, KMU Institute of Basic Medical Sciences welcomed the participants in the workshop and said that this workshop will not only help the participants to understand this advanced technology but  there will also be an opportunity to make better use of the information gained from their research efforts.
The organizer of the workshop, Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Rasheed Sherkoti, while appreciating the enthusiasm of the participants, said that the students participating in this workshop will be able to understand the proteins in the human body by combining the fields of computer and biology. He said that this workshop will enable the participants to understand the proteins, whether they are human or corona virus or any other bacterium and how they make us sick and how to make pharmaceutical research against them more effective.
Meanwhile, addressing the concluding session of the workshop, vice chancellor KMU Prof. Dr. Zia ul Haq said that holding such workshops is a matter of time. He said that the importance of medical research was increasing day by day in the context of rapid new inventions in the field of medicine and various challenges facing human health. He said that young researchers of KMU Institute of Basic Medical Sciences are our assets and it is expected that they will not spare a single minute to reach new heights of knowledge and research in their respective fields. Finally, he along with IBMS Director Dr. Inayat Shah distributed certificates among the workshop participants.