M Phil (Two years) & PhD ( Three years ) in Basic Medical Sciences

The disciplines offered for M Phil and PhD


  1. Anatomy
  2. Physiology
  3. Biochemistry
  4. Pharmacology
  5. Pathology
    1. Microbiology
    2. Histopathology
    3. Haematology


To develop the academic faculty, flourish research and technology to international standards to benefit medical institutions and industry which ultimately will help in the economic growth of the nation


  1. To expedite the academic growth and development in undergraduate medical education by providing properly qualified and trained basic sciences teachers.
  2. To institutionalize research by producing more PhDs, particularly in the emerging fields of basic medical sciences like immunology and molecular biology.
  3. To develop linkages with leading institutions nationally and internationally for collaboration and exposure of local research scholars.
  4. To keep academicians updated via short refresher to disseminate latest academic and research advancement in the field of basic medical sciences.
  5. To focus on regional medical issues and improve health standards of the local community via research.
  6. to produce highly trained and qualified manpower to improve the quality of services delivered to the community. 
  7. To provide efficient, hi-tech and high quality diagnostic services at competitive rates directly or through a network of referral / collection facilities.

Career Opportunities

  1. The IBMS provides a promising career opportunity to its MPhil / PhDs in the field of Basic Medical Sciences (BMS).
  2. Most of such skilled professionals will join teaching and research career as faculty in Basic Medical Sciences Departments of national/international institutions.
  3. Excellent opportunities for laboratory based career in medical marketing and research for graduates who wish to join the pharmaceutical industry.
  4. Equally excellent opportunities for those joining industry, employed in R & D, Sales & marketing areas.
  5. Better career in medical and dental institutions


  1. Better educated and trained health care professionals engaged as academician, researchers and field practitioners will revamp the healthcare delivery system and replenish the academia in the medical education set up. The community will be the ultimate beneficiary due to better health facilities.
  2. Trained human resource will successfully execute and streamline the operation of the Institute and will fill the vacuum in the growing healthcare institutes and industry.
  3. Development of human resource, research and technology in this institute to help in the development of national economy.


These fully equipped research centers will produce qualified / quality human resource to fulfill national requirements for the development of academia. More foreign exchange can be generated by sending this trained manpower abroad to Middle East and other countries such as, Europe and USA for jobs in addition being an asset internally.

Program Category: 

This program is taught at

Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Hayatabad, Peshawar