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Overview & Working

Directorate of IT is committed to provide an effective, comprehensive, secure information and communication technology infrastructure to KMU community. Ensure accurate, timely and useful information for academic and administrative decision-making. Support University’s mission through responsive leadership, innovative exploration, sound guidance, cost-effective deployments and open collaboration.

Our Mission

To provide excellent, innovative, reliable and integrated IT/MIS solutions, and quality services to the KMU community with the organizational citizenship behavior to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

I.T Achievements

1. Smart & Safe University Project

The Smart University Project has been implemented in KMU, in collaboration with Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The project has provided a suite of important services like internet, digital library turnitin and CCTV surveillance etc. to thousands of students and faculty members.

2. Web Development

Web section has been involved in all stage of the development of web site right from planning, design, quality control, launching to online promotion and monitoring.

3. Software Development

The software development section of KMU MIS is actively participating in development of different desktop software systems of the University.

4. Centralized Admissions and Entry Test Management System 

Centralized Admissions Test (CAT) and Centralized Admissions system has been developed to automate the admission processes of KMU Undergraduate programs for all Public and Private Affiliated colleges. This project provides the complete online solutions for entire admission processes.

5. Online Learning Management System (LMS)

Moodle has been deployed as Virtual learning environment, classroom and courseware management platform. Here instructors and students can create, store, share, communicate and enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Moodle with Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom is a powerhouse of online learning with course organization, resource management, student guidance, and personalized learning.

6. Library Management System

KMU uses library management system (KOHA) offers a comprehensive next generation experience and facilitates usage of library resources i.e. search, reserve, borrow, renew and many more.

7. Data Center

KMU Data Center facility is the nerve center of campus information technology infrastructure. It provides a secure, enterprise-wide, reliable and redundant infrastructure for mission-critical campus systems below are core services of our Data Center:

  • 24/7 operations
  • Secure data networks
  • Service monitoring
  • Storage management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Load balancing
  • Hosting services
  • Server virtualization management

8. Computer Labs

Computer Labs have been established in all institutes providing latest Computer hardware, software and work space to all students, faculty members and staff on a walk-in basis. Internet and intranet facility at Computer labs, Class rooms, inside and outside Academic buildings, Hostel rooms and Cafeteria.

9. Video Conferencing System

In order to survive in this fast-paced world and to be more flexible, we provide video collaboration experiences that bring users closer together and drive meaningful conversation for geographically dispersed teams through stunning HD quality. Our IT team will provide the audio/video facilities for conferencing/lecturing/symposium/workshops.

10. System Services

Provision of system services is also included in our key responsibilities. System Services usually include but not limited to installing, supporting, and maintaining servers or other computer systems, and planning for and responding to service outages and other problems.

11. Network Services

This service provides support and maintenance of all network communication infrastructure required to sustain the IT activates within University premises. The scope of network services extends from LAN/WLAN management, Virtual Private Network, unified communications to Network Consulting Services and Network implementation services.

12. IT Consultancy and Guidance

A wide range of consultancy and guidance wide range of IT services are provided to staff and students to support institution and community technology needs.

13. Payroll System

In house payroll management system has been developed  that manages, maintains, and automates payments to employees.

14. File Tracking System

In house file tracking system has been developed  that keep track of file movement across different sections.

Ongoing projects/ Future Work

  1. Implementation of ERP/CMS
  2. Implementation of E-Office

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