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CME/CPD Introduction

Khyber Medical University has been designated by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council as a CME/CDE provider. Thus, credits issued by KMU shall be accepted nationally which at the same time places great responsibility upon all of us for maintaining this status by strictly complying not only with the policies and standards of PM&DC but also developing a process for the continuing professional development of Allied Health sciences including Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, etc.

Health and its related fields have witnessed a sharp increase and turnover in knowledge, skills, practices, and attitudes that it has become necessary for all health professionals to upgrade and keep up with the changing times to ensure safe and efficient delivery of all types of health services.

It thus becomes crucial for a medical university not only to run its degree, diploma and certificate courses to a set standard but also have regular CME/CPD events to improve upon the professional development of the health force of the country.

The first section includes definitions of the terms for better understanding by faculties of KMU and other institutes desirous to participate in the organization of CME/CPD activities. The rest of the document explains the list of activities eligible for CME/CPD Credits and the number of credits awarded to each activity as well as KMU steps for processing and organizing events (Pre-Event, Event and Post-Event).