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Dr Najma Baseer

Associate Professor

Dr. Najma Baseer

MBBS, MHPE (Pak), PhD Neuroscience (Glasgow, UK)

HEC approved Supervisor in MPhil and PhD Anatomy

As Assistant Professor at IBMS, KMU for over seven years I was responsible for teaching anatomy to both MPhil and Ph.D. scholars as well as supervising their respective research projects that refined my didactic as well as research skills. I have been involved full time in teaching them courses ranging from neurobiology to developmental anatomy, microscopic anatomy and micro-techniques as well gross anatomy including viscerology and musculoskeletal system. 

With a doctorate degree in Neurosciences, specifically Neuroanatomy, I have major interest in contributing to the deeper understanding of the organization of neuronal circuits in the brain as well as spinal dorsal horn that underlie the perception of pain. In addition to neurosciences, I have explored other domains of anatomical sciences such as gross aspects of human anatomy including anthropometry and cephalometric analysis, ultrastructural changes taking place in the vital organs in response to various drugs and toxins etc. investigating the ultrastructural modifications resulting from endogenous and exogenous insults and projects associated with developmental anatomy, radiological imaging, cancer and molecular genetics. I have a strong working knowledge of Immunocytochemistry, and different types of microscopy ranging from Immunofluorescence to Confocal, Scanning, and Transmitted Electron microscopy.

Furthermore, I have explored and mastered skills other than those I had learned during my Ph.D. such as Under and postgraduate Curriculum development and implementation, managing faculty development programs, and E-Learning tools. I had an opportunity to work in collaboration with the best of the brains in the field of Basic Medical sciences and Medical Education. Due to my dynamic work record, I was later promoted to an Associate professor of Anatomy position at my current institute.

As an adept academician, I have not only ensured my own continuous professional development but have also tried to cultivate similar skills among my peers and supervisees. I strongly reckon that my educational background has given me a solid understanding of not only Anatomical research and teaching but has imbibed me with knowledge concerning Health Professions Education and Research. Similarly, my work experience has strengthened my capabilities in critical thinking and teamwork. I have been actively involved in implementing and revising the curriculum for Post Graduate programs. Due to my keen interest in medical research, I have regularly been publishing my research projects in both national and international peer-reviewed journals. Furthermore, I have been managing the Journal of Advances in Basic Medical Sciences for the past four years. In addition, I have been convening the Institutional Board of studies meetings for the past six years. I have been actively involved in organizing both national and international as well as virtual and on-campus conferences. My priority is to guarantee that the tasks assigned to me are done efficiently.


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