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Dr Shabnam Wazir

Curriculum Vitae

MBBS (Gold Medal in Anatomy)

MPhil Anatomy (IBMS, KMU)

PhD Scholar Anatomy (IBMS, KMU)

During my Master program, I joined ‘’neuro-oncology’’ project for my research work. As pioneers in the project I worked on the anatomical aspect of brain cancers (including generation of primary brain cancer stem cells at our cell culture lab facility, types of morphologies present in brain tumours via phase-contrast inverted microscope, maintaining weekly progress of cells lines and their growth pattern, infections produced in these cell lines and how to control them, cancer cells invasion into surrounding tissues, various cellular biomarkers etc.). I have working experience with various techniques and equipment related to cell culture like the phase-contrast microscopy, Immunofluorescence microscopy technique and maintaining antiseptic environment for our cell lines studies.

As a lecturer, I have been involved in teaching anatomy courses to the Master scholars including microscopic anatomy (practical’s/labs), musculoskeletal anatomy, Viscerology, and Forensic anatomy. In addition to the courses listed above, I am also one of the focal persons for research symposium (IBMS- RS) since February 2022. We have organized research symposia on regular basis by inviting worthy scientific personal as Guest speakers, where they discussed their research areas and interest.

Regarding the Co-curricular activities, I have facilitated the students in 2018 KMU Sports Week as a faculty organizer from IBMS. I am also the focal person for various students’ centered clubs at IBMS, KMU. I am also the club manager for “Events Club”, where we organize various on-campus events.

I have also worked and compiled the documentation for ‘’KMU Alumni Association/Network’’ in collaboration with Dr. Zilli Huma. The next plan is to initiate the Alumni activities by sensitizing the students who graduated from various post-graduate programs at IBMS, KMU to get register themselves in this Alumni network. They will be invited for annual gatherings to establish a healthy and flourishing working relationship between the current and old graduates.


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