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Dr Sadia Fatima

Associate Professor

Dr Sadia Fatima

MBBS (Pak), PGD (Glasgow, UK)

PhD Human Nutrition (Glasgow, UK), CHPE (Pak)

Post doc (Uclan, UK)

HEC approved supervisor in MPhil and PhD Biochemistry

I have worked as an academician, researcher and administrator for more than 16 years. As an Associate Professor at IBMS, KMU for more than five years I was responsible for teaching Nutritional Biochemistry to MPhil and PhD scholars and was also supervising their research projects. Apart from that I was fully involved in teaching bioethics and research methodology to the scholars. I have regularly published my research projects in national and international peer-reviewed journals. I have worked as an M Phil coordinator, coordinator examination and also convening the institutional ethics committee meetings.

I have completed my PhD in Human Nutrition from University of Glasgow, UK. I had a medical background, and completed MBBS from Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad followed by a PGD and PhD from University of Glasgow, UK and Post doc from Uclan, UK. My research work has thus far focused on the level of energy intake compensation in lean adult women following HENSD consumption, and to find out how it relates to the response of a range of hormonal and metabolic appetite regulators as well as measure of gastric emptying. I have also investigated the time scale and level of energy intake compensation after five days of supplementation with HENSD in the afternoon and also investigated the impact of five days supplementation on plasma lipids and insulin sensitivity.

My current research explored the impact of longer duration of supplementation or different degrees of supplementation with HENSD on lipoprotein, glucose and insulin metabolism in underweight pregnant females, healthy and obese subjects. I have also investigated the possible side effects of energy rich; lipid based nutritional supplements such as RTUF and their long-term outcomes on malnourished children. I have recently completed my research projects on Biofortification of wheat with zinc for eliminating deficiency in Pakistan (BIZIFED2), ketogenic diet, and the small for gestational age babies.

Being one of the very few experts in the field of human nutrition and more specifically the child health, I wants to utilise my expertise for the betterment of the society. I want to establish a highly equipped laboratory and probe into the malnutrition status, treatment, management and preventive strategies based on local data and research. Because the research conducted in the West may not fully applicable to the local circumstances of this part of the world.


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