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Dr Tahir Sarwar

Associate Professor

Dr Muhmmad Tahir Sarwar 


Tenured Associate Professor

Molecular Biology and Genetics

MS (Pak) Molecular Biology/Functional Genomics

PhD (Pak) Molecular Biology/Functional Genomics

I have worked as a academician and researcher encompassing 11 years of post-PhD service.

My recent research has been on various aspects of Molecular Biology and Genetics more specifically on viral and Human Genomics. We have recently published some very good articles on identification of novel pathogenic variants in different human phenotypes like Epilepsy, Vision Impairment, and Intellectual Disability. Achieved 125 impact factor last year after winning HEC best university teacher award in 2016.

My passion is to develop state of the art Genomics data storage and analysis facility at IBMS KMU.


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