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KMU Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, IBMS


The institute of Basic Medical Sciences is a constituent part of KMU that specializes in cutting edge basic sciences and translational research. In addition to fixing focus on faculty development, research and technology and bringing it at par with international standards, the areas of interest /concern of IBMS would remain the following:-

  1. To focus on further development of faculty member of all medical institutes in their respective capacities by offering M.Phil/ PhD Programs.
  2. Provision and expansion of the research activities in organized form.
  3. Institutionalizing research in all affiliated medical and health institutions.
  4. Provision of quality diagnostic services at competitive rates to the community.


IBMS will be the major hub of international quality academic and research activities in the field of basic medical sciences. The goal is to extend the frontiers of knowledge through relevant interdisciplinary Research; fostering an intellectual culture that bridges basic science and clinical practice; contributing to the enhancement of human health.


To develop the academic faculty, flourish research and technology to international standards to benefit medical institutions and industry which ultimately will help in the economic growth of the nation.


  1. To expedite the academic growth and development in undergraduate medical education by providing properly qualified and trained basic sciences teachers.
  2. To institutionalize research by producing more PhDs, particularly in the emerging fields of basic medical sciences like immunology and molecular biology.
  3. To develop linkages with leading institutions nationally and internationally for collaboration and exposure of local research scholars.
  4. To keep academicians updated via short refresher to disseminate latest academic and research advancement in the field of basic medical sciences.
  5. To focus on regional medical issues and improve health standards of the local community via research.
  6. To produce highly trained and qualified manpower to improve the quality of services delivered to the community.
  7. To provide efficient, hi-tech and high quality diagnostic services at competitive rates directly or through a network of referral / collection facilities.

Core values

  1. Perform integrated interdisciplinary teaching and research with the highest level of ethics and professionalism, to meet the needs of stakeholders; and be responsive to changing global trends.
  2. Promote and defend the freedom of thought, academic inquiry, expression and association.
  3. Demonstrate sensitivity to student welfare and staff needs, and to practice environmental stewardship to the highest standards.

Core Activities

The institute instructs in the Bio-medical sciences related to Basic Medical Sciences.

The institute trains postgraduate scholars in basic medical sciences in the degree programs leading to Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) in basic medical sciences, and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in basic medical sciences.

In addition, the institute also invests in preparing active future basic medical science researchers and teachers.

It engages its students in activities ranging from optimization of laboratory protocols and animal handling to poster & oral presentations and critical reviews.

The institute arranges research days and conferences throughout the year, in which the new inductees are given an opportunity to develop an orientation regarding the core activities

And structure of the department while the current students present their posters and critical reviews and receive feedback from the faculty members of different departments.

Furthermore, students assessed for their understanding and application of subject specific knowledge through both formative and summative assessments.

Career Opportunities

The IBMS provides a promising career opportunity to its M.Phil / PhDs in the field of Basic Medical Sciences (BMS).

Most of such skilled professionals will join teaching and research career as faculty in Basic Medical Sciences Departments of national/international institutions.

Excellent opportunities for laboratory based career in medical marketing and research for graduates who wish to join the pharmaceutical industry.

Equally excellent opportunities for those joining industry, employed in R & D, Sales & marketing areas.

Better career in medical and dental institutions

Contact Details

  • Location: Academic Block, KMU Road, Phase 5, Hayatabad, Peshawar
  • Contact: 091 9217703
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]

Programs offered by this institute

  • MPhil Anatomy
  • PhD Dental Materials
  • MPhil Biochemistry
  • MPhil Physiology
  • MPhil Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • MPhil Human Nutrition
  • MPhil Forensic Medicine and Medical Jurispudence
  • MPhil Dental Materials
  • MPhil Oral Biology
  • PhD Anatomy
  • Phd Biochemistry
  • PhD Physiology
  • PhD Molecular Biology and Genetics