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BS Psychology & Behavioral Science


The main purpose of this program is to advance the methodology of teaching and learning, to promote community and society, and to promote scientific research in the field of psychology.


The aim of this program is to train young professionals starting from the basic theories about the development and behavior of the individual, personality, thinking and learning.


This program ensures that students understand the nature, origins, history and scope of psychology as a contemporary field and its relationship to other disciplines, and they can be aware of the different perspectives that can be used to study, understand, and explain the subject matter, develop the basic understanding of the molecular, metabolic and genetic basis of behavior as well.

This program also make sure that psychology and behavioural science is taught as a scientifically reflective field of application. Individually, students must develop unbridled control over instinctive and impulsive actions so that they learn internally and act upon them, and make them able to develop effective communication skills.



Institutes offering this Program

  • KMU Institute of Mental Health & Behavioral Sciences, Peshwar