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Diploma In Diabetology (DIP-DIAB)


Diabetes is a major health problem around the world. It is common, costly but still manageable disease. It is one of the leading cause of death and co-morbidities in Pakistan which is a challenge for health care system. People with diabetes face various health issues including lower-limb amputation, blindness, cerebrovascular disease and renal failure.

The recent Diabetes Prevalence Survey of Pakistan has revealed 16.98 percent prevalence of diabetes which alerted the health authorities to seriously consider tackling this issue in time. There is already an existing national action plan for diabetes but still a lot need to be done. It is important to enhance the skills of our current health workforce in both primary and secondary care.

This Diploma is designed for doctors working in both primary and secondary care to learn the required skills so they can manage their patients in an efficient, cost-effective and patient centered approach. They will be encouraged to practice in both rural and urban areas to make the services accessible and approachable for the patients.

Aim of Diploma Course 


To train physicians as part of capacity building for management of diabetes in both primary care and secondary care.


To familiarize physicians with a generalized approach to diabetes and its management.

To recognize and manage acute and chronic complications of diabetes.

To develop greater understanding of the multidisciplinary approach to the care of people with Diabetes.

To follow the national guidelines and referral policy.

To enhance the understanding of needs of community and to contribute in preventive strategies



Institutes offering this Program

  • KMU Institute of Public Health & Social Sciences, IPH&SS