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MPhil Oral Biology

HEC Approved

Oral and Dental disease is a world-wide problem, that lead to the loss of quality of life. Dentistry is changing at an alarming rate, primarily driven by the results of modern research. In order to keep pace with current trends, constant updating of knowledge is mandatory. Due to unique combination of tissues and functions of the oral and craniofacial complex, the field of oral biology blends fundamental scientific disciplines in unique and fascinating ways to meet the challenges of developing new and highly effective ways to manage, cure or prevent diseases and developmental defects.

Oral biology is a broad scientific discipline that encompasses a range of basic and clinical/applied sciences. Our two-year, full-time MPhil course at Khyber Medical University has a strong focus on teaching current biological understanding related to Introduction to Oral Biology, Oral and Craniofacial Development, Head Neck and Oral Anatomy, Oral Physiology, Oral Histology and Pathology, Saliva and Oral Microbiome, Molecular Cell Biology, Tissue Engineering, Research Techniques, Biosafety, Health Research and Health Professional Education.

The Department of Oral Biology at KMU was established in 2022 and has three faculty members. Graduates from this programme will have a broad spectrum of knowledge and a variety of skills. This course will give the students a comprehensive yet specialized biomedical skillset that will enable them to discover the latest advances in therapeutic dentistry, nano-dentistry, and tissue engineering. Our focus is to provide the MPhil scholars with the basic and advanced knowledge and its implications to help contribute to the future of oral health in the society. In long term, our aim is to recruit additional scientists to broaden our commitments to cutting edge research and training in the molecular basis of diseases that affect people around the world. We are also planning to start PhD Oral Biology program at IBMS, KMU but awaiting approval from HEC.



Institutes offering this Program

  • KMU Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, IBMS