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Master In Health Research


The healthcare chain stretches from prevention of illness, diagnosis and care, to cure and maintenance of good health. With its expanding connections with international trends, it is starting to cross national borders as well. The opportunities and need for research within this new healthcare dynamic are endless. The Master in Health Research is designed for educating a new generation of healthcare researchers to be on the cutting-edge of healthcare innovation.

There is an increasing need for research in the health sector, and increasingly health professionals are required to conduct research, evaluation, clinical audit and quality improvement activities as part of their practice. Current policy and practice developments are also placing greater emphasis on the Clinical Academic Career pathway and there are now many health professionals with a clinical/practice and research focus on their roles. These developments point to the need for rigorous, high-quality interdisciplinary and flexible research programs to prepare health professionals for these challenging and rewarding roles. The Master Health Research provides this.




MBBS,BDS, MD or Equivalent qualification (Recognized by PMC), BS Nursing (04 years) or BSc Post RN (Recognized by PNC), BS (Prosthetic and Orthotic Sciences), BS Paramedics, BS Vision Sciences, BS Human Nutrition, BSc Physiotherapy (04 years), Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), Pharmacy (Pharm-B, Pharm-D)(Recognized by Pharmacy Council), DVM, Masters in Psychology, Statistics and Social Sciences.

Applicant's background should reflect significant interest in Public Health e.g. research projects, publications, symposia and workshops attended; the program favours individual with appropriate academic credentials, basic computer literacy is expected.


The total program duration is two years with a total of 06 contact sessions, each of 10 days. Attendance at these contact sessions is mandatory. The course can be taken as an advanced qualification in its own right or as excellent preparation for doctoral level study. Students can choose to study for Diploma (1.5 Years, 6 Modules without research) or Master's degree (2 Years, 6 Modules plus 6 Months Thesis). Stand-alone modules are also available for those interested in Continuing Professional Development.



Institutes offering this Program

  • KMU Institute of Public Health & Social Sciences, IPH&SS