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Khyber Medical University (KMU) Marks Historic Achievement by Inaugurating Computer-Based Online Examination system

  • Author: Editor
  • Event Date: Thursday, 28 December 2023
  • Published on: Friday, 29 December 2023
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Khyber Medical University (KMU) has reached a significant milestone with the successful launch of its first-ever computer-based online examination. This pioneering initiative underscores KMU's steadfast commitment to embrace and harness the use of information technology in  educational measurement and assessment. On a momentous occasion, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Zia Ul Haq accompanied by Registrar KMU, Inam Ullah Khan Wazir, and Deputy Controller Mr. Nasrullah Khan visited the newly inaugurated IBMS Examination Centre at  launching ceremony of the first-ever computer-based  examination. The KMU Examination Department alongwith KMU IT Department, played a crucial role in successful execution of computer-based examination. Their dedication and technical expertise were acknowledged for implementing an innovative and technology based examination system.

The ongoing computer-based examination was successfully conducted for Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) 8th semester, BS in Occupational Therapy (OT), BS in Speech & Language Pathology (SLP), BS Audiology, BS Prosthetics  & Orthotics 6th semester which is a testament to KMU's approach for adopting contemporary and technology based assessment methods. This technological move of KMU signifies a pivotal moment in the university's illustrious history, and will further strengthen the academic quality.  

The computer based examination was conducted at KMU main campus Peshawar as well as at various regional examination centres of KMU. 147 students from RMI, KMU-IPM&R, Mehboob School of physiotherapy appeared at the examination  centre established at RMI Peshawar. 130 students from NCS, Ahmed Medical Institute, PEF, and PIHMS appeared at examination Centre established at NCS University System Peshawar. 106 students of SHS, Northwest, IHS Peshawar, and Ghazali Institute appeared in computer-based examinations at examination centre at SHS Peshawar. 39 students of Women Institute of Rehabilitation Abbottabad took the computer-based paper at the examination centre established at Helping Hand Institute Mansehra. Furthermore, 26 students of  NCS Swabi were assessed at KMU IHS Swabi, while 16 students were assessed at  Swat Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences Swat for 8th semester DPT. In addition, 115 students of BS-OT/SLP/Audiology/P&O hailng from KMU IP&MR, PIPOS, RMI and Mehboob Institute appeared in the computer-based examination at KMU-IBMS Peshawar.

This technological move reflects the varsity's unwavering dedication to provide a technology based  platform for the students' assessment and to expedite the examinations and results. The university is enthusiastic to further integrate digital solutions to enhance the educational experience of its students.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Zia Ul Haq expressed his appreciation for the concerted efforts of the relevant departments and  emphasized embracing technological advancements in the academic landscape of the university. He lauded the KMU Examination Department and the KMU IT Department for their pivotal role in realization of the first-ever computer-based online examination system.


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