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KMU and KCD Peshawar Host Groundbreaking Workshop on Dental Materials

  • Author: Editor
  • Event Date: Wednesday, 08 May 2024
  • Published on: Wednesday, 08 May 2024
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Khyber Medical University (KMU), in collaboration with Khyber College of Dentistry (KCD), hosted a vibrant workshop focused on "Exploring Structural and Mechanical Properties of Dental Materials" , the event marked a significant milestone in advancing understanding and practical skills in dental material science.

The interactive sessions on Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) and Universal Testing Machine (UTM), spearheaded by Associate Prof Dr. Nawshad Muhammad, Associate Prof Dr. Saad Liaqat, and Lecturer Dr. Muhammad Amer Khan, aimed to provide attendees with a transformative experience. Participants gained valuable skills bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and hands-on application in the field.

Featuring engaging lectures and interactive demonstrations, the sessions facilitated a thorough comprehension of the structural and mechanical aspects of dental materials. From grasping the fundamentals of FTIR analysis to mastering the utilization of UTM for material strength evaluation, every facet was meticulously explored.

Participants actively engaged in operating FTIR and UTM machines under the expert guidance of Associate Prof. Dr. Nawshad Muhammad, Associate Prof. Dr. Saad Liaqat, and Lecturer Dr. Muhammad Amer Khan.

The workshop concluded with remarks from Director of IBMS, Dr. Inayat Shah, who also distributed certificates of appreciation amongst the participants, organizers, and facilitators, recognizing their commitment to advancing knowledge in dental materials.


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