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KMU organizes a four-day management training course for administrative staff at PARD

  • Author: Editor
  • Event Date: Friday, 06 January 2023
  • Published on: Monday, 02 January 2023
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Khyber Medical University (KMU) Peshawar, under the wise decision of its visionary vice-chancellor Prof. Dr. Zia ul Haq, managed to conduct a four-day management refresher course for all administrative staff from the heads of various institutions and departments to additional directors, deputy directors, assistant directors, assistants, junior clerks, and even receptionists and telephone operators in five separate groups with the support of the Pakistan Academy for Rural Development (PARD).

It is worth mentioning that for this purpose, under the leadership of Registrar KMU Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saleem Gandapur, a special course was designed keeping in mind the needs management skills required by the university staff, which includes office and organization management, emotional intelligence, and besides topics like personality development, stress and anger management, leadership skills, team building and time management skills, KMU Statutes 2016, official correspondence, noting and drafting and general financial rules were included. The participants of the course described this four-day training as a successful experience and an excellent model for other universities to increase the professional skills of the administrative staff.  

Meanwhile, while addressing the participants of the course, the vice-chancellor Prof. Dr. Zia ul Haq said that  when a person learns any education or skill, for some time this person continues to advance in the field of action on the basis of these learned skills. Still, as time goes by, the same person starts to forget the learned knowledge and skills gradually. If its effects start to fall on the individual performance of this person on the one hand, then on the other hand its negative effect also comes in the form of poor performance of this institution. He said that in such a situation, on-job training plays a special role and under this thought, we decided to organize a special training course for all administrative staff of the university with the support of PARD.

He said that the best results of this refresher course will come out in the form of the excellent performance of the staff taking the course. He expressed the expectation that this experience will increase the individual skills of the staff and it will also bring out the best results in the form of exemplary service delivery in various departments of the university.  In the end, he thanked the management of PARD, especially Director General Capt (Retd) Usman Gul and the Training Wing for providing opportunities to increase the administrative and professional skills of over 150 officers and support staff of KMU by preparing special course modules for training. 


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