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KMU shared MBBS modularcurriculum with BMC Quetta and GU Peshawar

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  • Event Date: Friday, 02 December 2022
  • Published on: Friday, 02 December 2022
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Khyber Medical University(KMU) Peshawar has handed over the updated MBBS modular curriculum to BolanMedical College (BMC) Quetta and Gandhara University (GU), Peshawar. In thisregard, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony was held in thesenate hall of KMU   in which Secretary Health Khyber PakhtunkhwaAamir Sultan Tareen was the  chief guest,while vice-chancellor KMU Prof. Dr. Zia ul Haq, Registrar Prof. Dr. MuhammadSaleem Gandapur, vice chancellor Gandhara University prof. Dr. Ijaz HasanKhattak, Director of Medical Education Bolan Medical College Dr. Iftikhar AliKakar, former Principal KMC Prof. Dr. Zia ul Islam, APPNA USA RepresentativeDr. Atiq Samdani and Director IHPE Dr. Baraikhna Jameel, heads of variousinstitutions and the faculty were also present at the occasion.Addressing the event,Health Secretary Amir Sultan Tareen said that health and education are twoimportant pillars of the social sector and their development is directlyrelated to the overall improvement of society. He said that we needrevolutionary reforms at the policy level instead of wasting our energies ontransfer posting in these two sectors. He said that reforms in the curriculumof medical education are not only the need of time, but through it we can alsosucceed in introducing an excellent and comprehensive healthcare system.The Secretary of Health saidthat it is the good fortune of the health department that we have an excellentand quality medical education institution in the form of KMU, where thisuniversity works as a think tank and a policy-making institution for the healthdepartment. He said that KMU can play a leadership role in fostering researchculture in all medical and dental colleges of the province and aligning medicaleducation with social needs. He said that the implementation of the modular system isan important development in this direction and it is expected that thissystem will be also introduced in the dental education system as soon as possible. The vice-chancellor Prof.Dr. Zia ul Haq while addressing the event said that the new integrated modularcurriculum will be student-centric and the system will also help them improvetheir existing knowledge and clinical skills. He said that under the modularsystem, a faculty member who was teaching one subject earlier would now have toteach about five subjects at a time after all the subjects were merged.  Prof. Zia further saidthat KMU is trying to align the curriculum with international standards andin this regard, various options have been started especially the implementationof a modular system and now this system is being used by institutions like BolanMedical College and Gandhara University among others. Prof. Dr. Ijaz HasanKhattak, Prof. Dr. Zia ul Islam, Dr. Iftikhar Ali Kakar, Dr. Atiq Samdani, Dr.Baraikhna Jameel, and Dr. Usman Mehboob also talked to the function.


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