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2nd International Basic Medical Science Conference 2023 organized by Khyber Medical University was held at Hafeezullah Hall of  KMU Peshawar

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  • Event Date: Wednesday, 22 November 2023
  • Published on: Thursday, 23 November 2023
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2nd International Basic Medical Science Conference 2023 organized by Khyber Medical University was held at Hafeezullah Hall of  KMU Peshawar. The theme of the conference is “Spectrum of Discoveries”

The participation of 12 prominent international speakers from around the world and more than 40 speakers from different regions of Pakistan participated in international Basic Medical Science Conference (BMedCon’23) is a manifestation their confidence in KMU.

In the opening ceremony of the conference, large number of medical experts and researchers from across the country participated wherein they enlighten the importance of research and innovation on Basic Medical Sciences. The chief organizer of the conference, Dr. Zille Huma, while explaining the details of the conference, said that this is a unique conference due to its nature and importance, as it is organized to explores new avenues in basic medical sciences. The conference was also attended by undergraduate, postgraduate students and faculty members from basic and clinical sciences. The conference consists of a series of workshops, plenary sessions, poster and oral presentations. 

While addressing on the occasion, VC KMU Prof. Dr. Zia ul Haq said it is a pride that anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, Forensic Medicine, Pathology and pharmaceutical science are taught from BS to Ph.D level at Khyber Medical University. He said that the diverse array of delegates, including 12 distinguished speakers from Malaysia, China, Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates, alongside 40-plus invited speakers from various regions of Pakistan, highlights the global appeal and recognition of the conference.  Moreover, the high magnitude of interest and enthusiasm from participants is truly commendable. The overwhelming response, with over 500 registrations and counting, underscores the eagerness of professionals, researchers, and students to engage with the latest developments in basic medical sciences. The 32 planned workshops, distributed across Khyber Medical University and its four constituent campuses, will provide an immersive and interactive experience, ensuring that participants can delve into specific areas of interest and gain hands-on insights. The Honorable Federal Minister for Education and professional training Mr. Madad Ali Sindhi and Prof. Dr. Qasim Jan Provincial Minister for higher education has confirmed to attend the closing ceremony on Thursday at 1.30 PM on 23.11.2023


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