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Nowshera Medical College hosted a significant annual convocation 2023

  • Author: Editor
  • Event Date: Wednesday, 03 January 2024
  • Published on: Thursday, 04 January 2024
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Governor KP, Haji Ghulam Ali, was the chief guest of this esteemed event. The ceremony celebrated the graduation of 125 MBBS  students, with 56 gold medals awarded to outstanding achievers.The event marked of 12 years of excellence in medical education at Nowshera Medical College. Principal NMC expressed gratitude to the distinguished guests and highlighted the graduates' responsibility to uphold the institution's reputation. 

Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Zia Ul Haq has extended heartfelt congratulations to the graduates and their parents. The focus on a promising future for healthcare is particularly noteworthy, highlighting the pivotal roles these graduates are poised to play in advancing the field. Moreover, the acknowledgment of the global impact of the graduates' skills reflects an understanding of our interconnected world. It underscores the potential contributions these individuals can make on an international scale, aligning with the increasing trend of globalization in various professions, including healthcare.

The Vice-Chancellor's emphasis on the broader impact of the graduates' expertise goes beyond acknowledging personal accomplishments. It underscores the societal and global implications of their education, providing inspiration as they embark on their professional journeys. This perspective recognizes the meaningful role they can play in addressing contemporary challenges in the crucial realm of healthcare.

Governor Haji Ghulam Ali congratulated the graduates, recognizing their vital role in advancing healthcare in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and beyond. The convocation served as a dual celebration, acknowledging academic accomplishments and anticipating a bright future. The graduates, well-equipped with extensive health knowledge and skills, stand ready to contribute significantly to the advancement and improvement of the healthcare sector throughout the nation.


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